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  Kampo Cultural Center NY is closed.

For information about Japanese calligraphy classes
in New York City

please contact Tsuyoshi Takemori at:

The Japan Calligraphy Center Int'l

PO Box 606,
Warwick, NY,  10990   

Tel: (845) 418-6112  
Fax: (888) 661-7409  

The Japan Calligraphy Education Foundation, (formerly Educational Federation), was founded in 1953 (Showa 28) by Harada Kampo. It was started with the purpose of spreading the spirit embodied in the phrase, "Correct and beautiful calligraphy based on a spirit of love."
Today it is Japan's largest calligraphy association, with more than 800,000 members.

To learn about the tools of calligraphy (the "Four Treasures"), click this link:
Four Treasures

For an explanation of Shodo (the Japanese word for calligraphy), click this link:

For more about The Japan Calligraphy Education Foundation (Nihon Shuji), including registration information for both classroom and correspondence courses, click this link:
Nihon Shuji

Kampo Hall
Kampo College

Kampo Cultural Center
 PO Box 1108,
New York, NY  10276-1108