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Kampo Studios, NY has closed. 

(This is how it looked.)

Kampo Studios in NY is closed.  Please visit us in Kyoto.
It was located at 31 Bond St. between Lafayette and Bowery in  Manhattan.  Kampo's world class Studio A was outfitted with state of the art technology including Pro Tools HD, Neve 1066 Mic Pre's, Telefunken and Neumann Mics, Genelec monitoring, a 2000 watt custom sub-woofer, vintage outboard gear, the Furman HDS-16 Cue System, and an upgraded SSL 4056 G+ console with Total Recall and Ultimation. Our  upgraded SSL's sound is fatter, warmer and more transparent than any other SSL 4000 and it is now for sale in Japan along with some of the studio equipment. Studio C offered 5.1 surround in a  well equipped, acoustically correct room designed by John Storyk.   Click on the links below to see what Kampo Studios NY was like.



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